Features To Consider in Buying Depository Safes

Buying depository safes for your business can help keep your valuables from burglary or fire. It is best to be cautious when it comes to your earnings and your records especially since your business’ growth and your employees’ salary depends on it.

cash-safe-moneyFires can cause the most damage since it can wipe all your investment away instantly. It’s hard to recover items from fires especially documents. Burglars can also come either as a stranger who breaks into your office or home or as an untrustworthy employee.

To protect your valuables from these threats, here are features you need to consider when buying depository safes.

  • Use of the safe

Depository safes are drop safes. They have openings on top where you can drop an item, such as cash, to secure them. In other words, it’s an temporary safety deposit box before moving the items in a more secure location.

Determine what item you are to keep in your safe. Money is usually the reason why you would opt for this type of safe. If you will be using it to store cash in your counter, then buy smaller box-type depository safes. As a manager, you can collect the items in it every hour and place it in a bigger safe.

If you will be keeping documents in it, you can opt for a teller safe. The teller safe has an inner cabinet which stores whatever item you drop in the box.

It has its own key that gives you the sole access to the safety box inside. Below it is a compartment where you can keep your documents.

This type of box keeps your items more organized.If you are going to use the safe for packages, then buy a rotary safe. It has a small drum on top where packages can be dropped for safekeeping.

  • Locking mechanism

Check the locking mechanism if it will fit your needs. There are three types of locks to choose from: the dial combination lock, the electronic lock, and the audit trail lock.

The dial combination lock is a 200-year old technology. You can unlock the safe by dialing a number combination. This is a good lock if you think your employees are trustworthy. If you feel doubtful, the electronic lock will do great.

The electronic lock also has a 0-9 number combination which you can program from time to time. You can change the lock combination weekly, especially if one of your trusted employees resigns. This is a great way to safeguard your items.

The audit trail lock is the safest locking mechanism. You can store up to ten users to use and access the safe. You can also connect it to your laptop in case you need to check who opened it and when it was opened. This is a great way to keep track of your items especially in case you find something missing.

The good thing about depository safe locks is how you can customize it. Check which locking mechanism fits you best. You may also have two custodial keys to keep your items safer. This means you need both keys to open the safe.

  • The safe’s anchor and alarm

safe-moneyAnother aspect you need to check is the safe’s anchoring. It must have a concrete expansion inside to set it in one place.

There are instances when burglars would carry the safe and open it when they’re out of the building.

Alarm systems can also help. This will inform your employees, especially your security personnel, if someone tries to open the safe. You can even add a delay locking system to keep unauthorized persons off.

Your depository safe can help keep your valuables protected from threats. Always consider what you will keep in it, the locking system to use on it, and additional safety features. This will help you determine exactly what safe you need.